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Naga Dosha & Other Serpent Curses


Sarpa Dosha / Naga Dosha:


The origin of the sarpa dosha is mythic and unexplained in the classics. Still the mystic power of serpents rules this world. The sarpa dosha is explained in the occult science as it comes from killing of serpents in previous or present life by self or by father or grand father and not performing the rites for the same. It also caused when our shadow falls on serpent or vice versa and even on touch. Malefic position of rahu & ketu indicates sarpa dosha in the horoscope.


Kala Sarpa Dosha:


Kalasarpa dosha is activated, when all planets get hemmed in between rahu & ketu. Dosha is caused due to severe malicious activities conducted by one in the past life and is indicated in the horoscope.

Serpent Curses:


Serpent curses are totally different and are unable to examine for its effects. It is a deadly curse caused by the serpent gods or angels, for which one can find no remedial measure or relief. Cursed person should face severe problems ultimately leading to death and is totally under the control of serpents. These curses are also caused through serpent cults by some powerful dark magicians, using the mystic power of serpents. It creates a worst situation than any other witchcrafts or voodoo. Symptoms are peculiar and uncertain. Grounding this curse is impossible.


Difference on Sarpa dosha & Kalasarpa Dosha:


Any one planet hemmed between rahu & ketu causes sarpa dosha, while in kalasarpa dosha all the planets are hemmed in between rahu & ketu. Effects are severe in kalasarpa dosha than in minor naga dosha, however the effect can be reduced by appeasing the relevant gods but it is impossible to get relief completely.


Major varieties of Kalasarpa Dosha:


1. Savya: caused when all planets get stucked from rahu to ketu.

2. Apasavya: caused when all planets get stucked from ketu to rahu.

In the horoscope from ascendant to 7th house, if this yoga is found then the first half life is more miserable and from 7th to 12th house, the second half of the life is harmful. In the natal chart if other yogas are not there, the native will be jobless; habitituated to bad habits, leads miserable life, unmarried etc. NOTE: If any one planet gets escaped in the birth chart from the clutch of rahu and ketu, this dosha is cancelled.

Identification of other Naga dosha / Sarpa dosha:


In the birth chart, sarpa dosha is termed on the following conditions:


1. When rahu is placed in the 8th house from the sun.


2. When rahu or ketu is placed in the 8th house from the moon.


3. When rahu is placed in 6th, 7th or 8th house from the ascendant.


4. When either of rahu or ketu occupies kendra or trikona from the ascendant.


5. Sometimes conjunction of rahu or ketu with the sun or moon is also considered.

Different types of Kalasarpa Dosha and its effects:



Position of planets



Type of dosha





01. Between 1st and 7th house

Ananta kalasarpa dosha

Troubles in family and chronic health problems

02. Between 2nd and 8th house

Gulika kalasarpa dosha

Financial problems and domestic troubles

03. Between 3rd and 9th house

Vasuki kalasarpa dosha

Problems with blood relations, brothers and sisters

04. Between 4th and 10th house

Shankapala kalasarpa dosha

Problems with mother, vehicles and at residence

05. Between 5th and 11th house

Padma kalasarpa dosha

Problems with spouse and with children

06. Between 6th and 12th house

Mahapadma kalasarpa dosha

Health problems, debts & troubles from enemies

07. Between 7th and Ascendant

Takshaka kalasarpa dosha

Loss in business and problems in matrimonial life

08. Between 8th and 2nd house

Karkotaka kalasarpa dosha

Problems with wife and accidents

09. Between 9th and 3rd house

Shankachooda kalasarpa dosha

Problems with father & complete bad luck

10. Between 10th and 4th house

Ghataka kalasarpa dosha

Problems in business, job, career or in profession

11. Between 11th and 5th house

Vishadhara kalasarpa dosha

Threats from unknown sources & enemies

12. Between 12th and 6th house

Sheshanaga kalasarpa dosha

Mounting expenditure and severe problems with enemies


Remedies for Kalasarpa Dosha / Naga Dosha:


Kalasarpa dosha is generally believed that one of the karmic dosha that may run across the generations. A combination of remedies and ethical, simple living on the part of natives can overcome the dosha.


1. Worship kalasarpa yantra using our instruction manual.

2. Visit the temples in india such as srikalahasthi, thirunageswaram, kukke subramanya or mannarsala frequently.

3. Install a 5 hooded serpent idol made out of silver, offer turmeric mixed raw rice and keep it in naga temples.

4. Perform oblations to ancestors to remove their curses.

5. Never harm any serpents.

6. Wear a ring made of silver in the form of serpent and wear this to fore finger.

7. Wear a gomedh or cats eye in a silver ring.


Note: For the deadly serpent curses, contact us for the complete solution.

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