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Carnelian is a red colored stone with a great historical importance. Carnelian is energy booster, protects from bad vibrations, guards against poverty, imparts a sense of humour & calms the temper. It increases the apetite. It is recommended for the person who feel insecure. Carnelian works well with amethyst to develop higher mental awareness. It is a best recommended stone for meditation. In ancient times, it was considered strictly the stone for the noble class people. People holding a high status were often buried with this gemstone. It is birthstone for july.


Carnelian enhances the self confidence, meditational power, concentration, clarity of mind, motivation, vocal expression, memory, peace and harmony. It aids in the treatment of lower back problems, lungs, reproductive system, tissue regeneration & depression. Carnelian signifies impending misfortune.


Product ID - CRN01

Square Cut

Weight: 12.08 Carats

Price: 3,020 INR

Product ID - CRN02

Oval Cut

Weight: 7.58 Carats

Price: 1,895 INR

Product ID - CRN03

Round Cut

Weight: 6.00 Carats

Price: 1,500 INR

Product ID - CRN04

Pear Cut

Weight: 4.75 Carats

Price: 1,188 INR

Product ID - CRN05

Oval Cut

Weight: 6.16 Carats

Price: 1,540 INR

Product ID - CRN06

Pear Cut

Weight: 4.19 Carats

Price: 1,048 INR

Product ID - CRN07

Fancy Cut

Weight: 4.99 Carats

Price: 1,250 INR

Product ID - CRN08

Oval Cut

Weight: 5.19 Carats

Price: 1,298 INR

Product ID - CRN09

Square Cut

Weight: 7.45 Carats

Price: 1,864 INR


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